International Projects Intern

International Projects Intern

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Law, Social Sciences
Period: 3 Jun, 2019 to 3 Sep, 2019            Post date: 20 Mar, 2019              Deadline: 28 Apr, 2019

General information

Duration:  3 months
Commitment:  3-4 days per week
Description: Ankara University is looking for European Intern for summer period of 2019.

About International Projects Office

International Projects Office, established by Ankara University Health, Culture and Sport Department in order to introduce EU Youth Programme, to disseminate youth information, to help students to participate in EU Youth Programme, to develop qualified youth projects and implement them.

How the Office Works

There are two main functions which are the responsibilities of Office: Trainings & Introducing of Youth Programme. Introducing the programme activities are regularly carried out by student clubs, NGOs, Officers and volunteers in different parts of Ankara University. Trainings are given by Youth Trainer on requests of student clubs or enough number of students’ individual request.

Responsibilities of International Projects Office

  •  To help students who are from different faculties to come together for youth and social projects by introducing the Youth Programme.
  •  To establish and coordinate a network between different departments of Ankara University, NGOs, student clubs, youth clubs, public bodies and making visits to them and introducing the  Office to them.
  •  To introduce Youth Programme and European Opportunities to students.
  •  To give training and advice to students in the process of developing youth projects.
  •  To develop projects for needs of Ankara University.
Compensation: Financial compensation
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